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High Performance, Good Business

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: April 2, 2008, from the April 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.
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Dino Guglielmelli, COO, SKIN by Monica
Ron Cummings, Founder, AminoGenesis
Lyn Barbatschi, Creative Director, Polysciences, Inc.
Carolyn Veroni, Director of Business Development, Celazome

What are today’s consumers looking for in skin care products?
Dino Guglielmelli: Ease-of-use products, results driven satisfaction and non-tacky, fast-absorbing feel. Fragrance [subjectively] is different for everyone, but good fragrances are also important.

Ron Cummings: I think consumers are a bit confused about which skin care products to buy. There is just a ton of long-standing misinformation and falsehoods that get propagated to the consumer. Hype may have little to do with actual performance or anything new. I have heard so many consumers say, “I have tried 50 different products and none of them work.” But when I ask them to list the products, it turns out they have actually only used two or three different products in 50 different looking jars!

Lyn Barbatschi: Consumers are looking for something to fill a need. In the spa industry, it is health and wellness, soothing the inside and the outside while combating skin, nail and hair damage.