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High Performance, Good Business

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: April 2, 2008, from the April 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Ron Cummings: The industry is more likely to follow the fad of the moment than a trend. Here is a great example: Almost every month you will see a major ad campaign from a major skin care company touting the latest and greatest ingredient … . So what was wrong with the latest and greatest from last month? If a company is being true to itself, it should have a very logical [approach to creating and marketing] skin care, and everything that follows should be a continued area of research. Sure, there are some new things that could be incorporated, but are they truly new things or are they fads? A new trend should only be established when new and different research reveals something new about how the skin functions or responds.

Lyn Barbatschi: There is a lot of focus on wellness and environmental awareness. It’s on everyone’s mind right now—East Coast and West Coast consumers. The media has brought a lot of awareness regarding green products, organic products and sustainable living. Consumers want products that promote health, respect the environment, increase personal development and are socially responsible.

Identifying trends is challenging due to the tremendous amount of information sources available today such as the Internet, television and reports. As a manufacturer of personal care products, we try to identify the trends and react quickly so we can help our customers grow their brands as well as our own brands.

Carolyn Veroni: I think the trend is in more natural ingredients, less parabens, more result-orientated. [In following a trend], we think realistically. We know we can give the consumer results with our nanotechnology, and we do so with larger loads and concentrations. We stay all vegan and use the smallest amount of preservatives that will keep our product “clean.”

How do marketers and R&D professionals work together to bring skin care products to market?
Dino Guglielmelli
: As the manufacturer, developer and market designers, we have all of these departments under one roof. It is hard to satisfy everyone along the way. We believe R&D must drive the decisions about the products, and marketing then can develop the buzz and preach the cause. R&D cannot be driven by marketing, otherwise quality standards [suffer]. Marketing needs to promote and sell, get involved in packaging designs and look; R&D must develop from a results-driven mind set.