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Targeting Delivery to Areas of Concern

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: April 3, 2007

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Firming and Toning
Regardless of how slim or fit, stretch marks can still appear on any woman, and often such treatments as seaweed wraps with vitamin-, and mineral-rich algae, as well as massage and tightening treatments utilizing caffeine, have addressed this area. Clarins has recently launched a new targeted treatment with a technologically-advanced formula that is said to help prevent stretch marks from forming and also reduces the appearance of stretch marks that are less than two years old. It is also said to help protect and revitalize collagen and elastin fibers to prevent skin slackening, serves as a colorant and is fragrance-free. The formulation features Centella extract (a plant well known in traditional Asian medicine) to protect and revitalize collagen and elastin fibers. Crowberry, siegesbeckia and olive extracts are included to help comfort, calm and repair skin while maintaining healthy support tissues, thereby reducing the size of stretch marks and miscoloring.

Hydrating and Polishing
An emphasis on skin quality, thickness and overall health has prompted the use of products that enhance skin’s smoothness, hydrate and improve elasticity. Two products from Juara Skincare are among the latest entries for toning and polishing. Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner is used for softening and soothing, and contains Indonesian tamarind. The toner is an infusion of white, green and black tea, which deliver antioxidants to the skin. Vitamin-rich bran extract provides calming benefits, minimizes redness and other signs of stress, while an extra dose of hyaluronic acid delivers added hydration. The product is alcohol, paraben and oil free. Candlenut Body Polish for Juara contains candlenut oil in a surfactant-free formulation that is designed to keep skin glowing with gentle exfoliation. The exfoliating grains are contained in a cream that may be used in the shower.

Global influences are also evident in the newest entry from Cape Town, South Africa, called Bio-Oil. The product—an advanced formula designed to treat a multitude of skin concerns—is used to minimize scars and stretch marks, even skin tone, nourish aging skin, and lubricate dryness and flakiness with a rapidly absorbed “dry oil.” The formulation includes vitamins A and E, calendula, lavender and rosemary oils, and chamomile extract, delivered through PurCellin Oil—a laboratory recreation of duck preen gland oil, noted for its absorption and spreadability. Bio-Oil contains no preservatives and is non-comedogenic. It is used to help improve skin elasticity and to aid severely dehydrated skin. Notably, it is used in the burn unit of the Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, as it is said to relieve dry skin and itching associated with burns.

ISP offers an assortment of functional actives that target a range of specific symptoms. “Vital ET is a unique bio-functional complex of tocopheryl phosphates that helps reduce many of the symptoms associated with sensitive skin—such as redness, irritation, swelling and itching,” said Penny Antonopoulos, global personal care marketing manager, International Specialty Products. The range of bio-functional actives includes biopeptides and synthetic peptides that mimic skin’s essential physiological factors.

Skin Protection and Antiaging
As skin ages and its structure and chemistry are altered, it loses elasticity, firmness and softness—causing wrinkles to appear. Therefore, a number of ingredients and technologies have been launched to address soothing and protecting skin, as well as offer innovative delivery. Betty Santonnat, global marketing manager, active ingredients, Degussa Personal Care, noted the recent launch of TEGO Smooth Complex (a selection of active ingredients for skin protection and skin soothing) and TEGO Derm CBS, an antiaging active designed for protection and repair of photo-aged skin.