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A Conversation: Aligning Brand Messages with Specialty Categories, Retail Needs

By: Elaine Sauer
Posted: July 10, 2013, from the July 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Q: With the recent purchase of Jurlique by Pola Orbis in late 2011, what are the plans going forward in terms of product development, marketing strategies and the production of your ingredients?

A: Our acquisition by Pola Orbis provides us a strong growth platform to drive future innovation, natural skin science breakthroughs and overall awareness. Pola Orbis has a remarkable research facility. They are over 150 years old and have several patents. They really appreciate Jurlique for its strengths—natural, efficacy, our farm, our authentic heritage. [There will be] no changes there.

We will maintain our farm in the Adelaide Hills and continue to manufacture out of our current facility. There will be significant investment in Jurlique to propel growth, from every area, but noticeable to most will be in the product pipeline and national advertising.

Q: How do you maintain your founding principles of farm-derived ingredients going forward?

A: It is simply who we are and how we do business. We are strongly committed to maintaining our authenticity in delivering true, potent, farm-to-bottle products even as we grow globally. This commitment is an integral part of every function in the organization. Our farm spans 153 acres, and we have everything from plants to honey bees to kangaroos on our biodynamic* farm.

Jurlique has entrenched biodynamics* into its farming operations in conjunction with a commitment to ensure a positive footprint in the farms’ environment through effective soil management, revegetation and biodiversity. Biodynamics* is the key to production of the highest-quality plants for incorporation into Jurlique’s range of skin care products. It goes hand-in-hand with our proprietary Bio-Intrinsic process. This is what really sets us apart from a formulation perspective in creating authentic, potent, natural skin care.

Q: Are there any interesting ingredient stories that you are pursuing?

A: Always, but most notable and used throughout our brand is calendula. We grow calendula on our farm. The ingredient is in one of our most iconic products, calendula cream. We think of calendula as nature’s Neosporin.

You can expect to see some more coming out of this single ingredient in a bigger way, with some compelling independent research studies that demonstrate the potency and efficacy we can achieve through our distinctive ways of growing and processing calendula.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle you will face and how do you plan to address it?

A: The continued opportunity to educate people on the fact that natural can be efficacious, that synthetic ingredients are not necessary to deliver results. At Jurlique we know this to be true, and with this knowledge, we invest heavily in clinical testing to demonstrate to the consumer that it is real.

Q: What is your impression on the variances in spa world versus other retail distribution avenues? Does it make it easier for the consumer to reach the brands they crave?

A: There is a huge opportunity with the spa channel. The spa world allows our products to truly shine as they encapsulate the experience, that sensorial and emotional aspect that is so important to who we are.

Our founders believed very much in wellness, and while wellness can be found in many places, it is naturally found in spas. The connection with the esthetician and the relationship to Jurlique through [that person] is very important.

Spa is a huge focus for us, but in the end we also know that our customer shops where it is convenient for her, so it is important to us to have specialty retail partners that can provide a great environment, with great service and represent us well from how we look on shelf to how the store staff recommends products.