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Croda Webinar Highlights Today's Multi-faceted Woman

Posted: September 13, 2013

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For the final consumer trend, Toumit discussed Mask, which can be split into two—women seeking to hide/transform and those seeking to reveal/enhance for their beauty looks. Toumit noted that the hiding/transforming push is more from consumers who are less confident and are looking for makeup to change how they look, citing the rise of plastic surgery in places such as China and India. For the revealing/enhancing trend, consumers are looking for more holistic beauty, enhancing well-being and anticipating damage, as well as repairing them—more of accepting who you are and working to highlight it.

For the hiding/transforming trend, products such as sheet masks, which are hot in Asia, highlight the need for change, while SPF/sun care and products such as illuminators and hair care products for gray and white hair helps capture the revealing/enhancing trend, said Toumit. Additionally, celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Meryl Streep, who are encouraging aging gracefully, are having an impact. This is leading to consumers thinking more about anticipatory products, which will prevent damage and change, helping them to look more like themselves later into life. This is reflected in beauty ingredients and products being created that help offer a third generation of environmental production.

The webinar concluded with Q&A with Toumit, answering queries on how women are really driving these trends, while men are somewhat following in the wake, and how beauty trends are reaching more and more consumers globally all the time.

Additional information on this webinar can be found on Croda’s website.