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The Feel Good Factors in Body Care

By: Lisa Doyle
Posted: November 25, 2013, from the December 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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And according to Jennifer Donahue, marketing manager, skin care, Croda, “One of our focus areas has been to deliver ingredients with unique sensory benefits. In 2014, we will launch the first in a line of sensory-driven emollients, Sensemol LST, which is a high-spreading emollient that leaves a light, silky touch on the skin. The emollient choice is an important finishing step in determining formulation aesthetics, and Sensemol LST can be used in a variety of formulations due to its pH range stability and overall compatibility.”

Slimming is Growing

When a brand can deliver on claims regarding a product’s slimming and contouring properties, it’s usually thanks to innovative active ingredients. “Slimming is always an unmet need, as customers are looking for higher-volume reductions in less time,” explains Davi. “We developed a campaign last year with two new peptides to regulate body volume for the desired silhouette. [Lipotec’s] Silusyne functional ingredient and Adifyline peptide offer the required slimming or replenishing effect respectively to shape the body as desired.”

Phytomer also has seen success in this area, notably with a night-specific product. “Phytomer recently launched Glycolight Night Contouring Bi-Gel, which is formulated to match the biorhythm of the body to target fat cells through the night using powerful marine extracts and vectorized caffeine. It’s the first product of its kind; conceptually like a topical ‘diet,’” says Casper.

“Without giving too much away, Phytomer [also] has new slimming and cellulite-fighting treatments and products launching in 2014.”


Savvy brands will monitor growth of slimming and contouring products in body care, as they may kick the category into higher gear in the next year and beyond. “For the body care category, it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in the facial skin care category and in the sport/fitness or plastic surgery industries, as skin appearance improvement is a critical goal for consumers,” concludes Ollagnier.

Lisa Doyle was formerly the associate editor of GCI magazine and is a freelance writer in the Chicago area. Her work has appeared in Skin Inc. magazine, Salon Today, America’s Best, Renew and Modern Salon.