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Western Marketplace Increasingly Influenced by Eastern Beauty Products

Posted: November 6, 2012

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Also in Europe, France is one of the biggest marketplaces for new products with holy basil in the beauty and personal care sector. While its usage was limited back in 2008 (3%), today, France accounts for some 5% of global NPD using the ingredient. In terms of products where holy basil are found, within the global market, a third (33%) of products containing holy basil are for face and neck care, but it is also a popular ingredient in body care and soap bars, with a 14% share respectively. Meanwhile, as many as 9% of new products with the ingredient are found in the hair treatment sector.

And although it has remained a niche ingredient in Europe, another popular Thai ingredient, mangosteen has grown in popularity in the U.K., making the country the second biggest mangosteen market in 2011 globally. In 2011, the U.K. accounted for an 11% share of the global market for mangosteen, and this year to date, the U.K. has already exceeded 2011, accounting for 16% of global NPD.

Furthermore, other traditional Asian ingredients such as shikakai are emerging in Europe. Indeed, the first beauty product containing this ingredient launched in the U.K. in 2012, and in the same way, France and Italy are also beginning to introduce it into their markets, with three and two launches respectively in 2012.

“The growing demand for Thai ingredients in Europe presents a real opportunity for Thai beauty brands from an export perspective. The popularity of the Thai tourist and spa industries, and its reputation as a global cuisine, gives the country’s native ingredients enormous appeal for consumers around the world,” Rudd concluded.


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