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Aesthetic Appeal

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: February 8, 2007

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“Today’s consumers are more educated about the long term affects of exposure to the sun, and are looking for a higher level of protection,” said Chaudhuri “This has led to a growing demand—not only for broad-spectrum sunscreens with cosmetic attributes, but, in addition, skin care and protection products containing UV filters. Manufacturers of sunscreens have responded by including skin care actives, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, etc. that demonstrate the additional skin care benefits the consumer is asking for.”

“Manufacturers want to deliver new and improved products; consumers want products that provide performance, value and, if possible, some level of enjoyment while using them,” said Bonda. “Not too long ago, people put on sunscreen for the same reason they put on oven mitts, to keep from burning—and many still do. But many more people today understand that chronic exposure to the sun’s UV radiation is the single greatest preventable cause of skin aging. So they demand products that they can wear every day, especially on the face, that help preserve their skin’s youthful appearance. Manufacturers are serving this demand with a new generation of high performance products with excellent esthetics.”