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A Place in the Sun

By: Sara Mason
Posted: June 7, 2010, from the June 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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One of the issues with exposure to solar radiation is the way it suppresses the immune system aspects of the skin. According to Pokoluk, research shows that even passive exposure (without so much as a slight burn) to solar radiation is compromising the immune system, which is part of the process that leads to the development of skin cancer.

The sunscreen also utilizes a unique delivery system that is similar to transdermal drug delivery. “We have built a delivery system that allows for a slower and longer extended release into the skin, which is a more appropriate way of delivering actives,” explained Pokoluk. This required blending two aspects to keep sunscreen on the surface while delivering other active ingredients at the same time. According to him, that would be impossible to do with most liquid chemical sunscreens.

Sun Care in Other Segments

Sun protection is increasingly important not just in sunscreens but also in everyday products. A growing demand for SPF-containing beauty products, such as antiaging skin care as well as after-sun products that offer antiaging benefits, are a key driver in this particular market segment.

“Consumers have grown increasingly knowledgeable about sun protection and its importance,” said Dana Dillon-Townes, Redken marketing manager. “In particular, more consumers are using SPF protection on a daily basis as opposed to on a seasonal basis and during times of extended sun exposure.” For that reason, there is an increased demand for daily protectants that guard the face, body and even scalp. UV protection is readily available in skin creams and lotions, eye creams and color cosmetics, and the range of products continues to expand, giving brands an opportunity to stand out on the shelf as consumers wise up to the need for protection, every day and everywhere.

Redken is utilizing sun protection as a point of difference for its Color Extend hair care line. The brand recently introduced Sun Solar Screen SPF to its collection, to prevent sun burnt scalps while helping to strengthen, protect and replenish sun-stressed hair. Dillon-Townes emphasizes that when hair is left unprotected, UV rays can burn scalp skin and penetrate into the cortex and strip away the cuticle causing color to fade and hair to become dull, rough and prone to frizz and flyaways.