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CEW Explores Digital Beauty

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: January 27, 2011

CEW Digital Beauty panelists, left to right, Annemarie Frank, director e-Commerce, digital media & strategic alliances, Mark; Marisa Thalberg, vice president of global digital marketing, The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc.; and Kristen Yraola, assistant vice president of digital media and Internet, Maybelline New York and Garnier brands.

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Yraolo commented on the importance of access and simplicity. “If you think about Myspace and how it evolved into Facebook usage, you see that when technology becomes invisible that’s when it becomes truly integrated. When it’s really simple, it doesn’t interrupt the brand message,” she said.

Frank discussed the Augmented Reality (AR) trend, which tries to converge your real life reality with an element of fantasy, while Yraolo emphasized the need for digital to complement the entire online media. “There’s inspiration in all different spheres. It’s not limited to Twitter, but that is one of the ways the brand proposition has been enhanced, citing Jack Black or Starbucks, as examples. You see brands straddling marketing hurdles,” she said.

Regarding technology, Frank said, “Searching is probably the hardest part to get right. For Mark, we’re rolling out global commerce for mobile devices, so the impulse element of that is great.”

Thalberg responded, “We’ve already jumped in with that at Lauder, and we’ll do it with more brands. The mobile device is your entertainment and your interface with the web. There are advertisements, apps... it’s a microcosm of the media. I think it’s a phase of experimentation and trial.”

“To be a good digital marketer you deal with the sexy stuff, but you have to know the back end stuff too," said Yraola. "You need to see how consumers actually use it. You need to be truly curious about how it’s used.”