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Marketing Beauty to the Hispanic Consumer

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: January 20, 2012

From left, Alexandra Vegas, P&G; Graciela Eleta, Univision; and Linda Levy, Macy’s, discussed Marketing Beauty to the Hispanic Consumer.

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Eleta concurred, “There’s no amount of media that can do the job if your product isn’t right. You must have the products. You must build the brand equity. Many Hispanic customers may not be privy to all the terminology, i.e., product ingredients, so taking the time in store to provide education is important.” Eleta continued, noting, “Celebrity endorsements are also key, and targeting the consumer in her own language is important. She feels at home with her language and culture, as well as the right color ranges. Spanish language media is less fragmented and less cluttered,” she said, citing Telemundo and Spanish language magazines, and the ability to navigate the field.

“Spanish is less about acculturation and more about a bi-lingual and bi-cultural nation. The critical mass in the U.S. today is forcing that bi-lingual nature. While the Hispanic consumer understands the language in the U.S., she is able to be reached more strongly with Spanish, for example with labels and ingredients,” said Eleta.

Growth Potential and the Internet

Vegas provided information about the new Orgullosa platform from P&G, which offers options for Hispanic consumers. Orgullosa, which means proud, is a platform that offers Hispanic women the opportunity to communicate with one another, share beauty tips, access beauty information in Spanish and download apps. Vegas said, “Orgullosa provides advice and access to a huge community that can help one another, and if she has lost her sense of the Hispanic community, this site offers an opportunity for her to connect with it.”

Eleta added, “The key takeaway from this evening for me is the importance this market has for people in the U.S. We’re seeing layoffs across the board, and it’s important to focus on driving U.S. growth to where it should be. This is an important part of the significance of the Hispanic market’s strength.”

“We’ve learned we have to know how to communicate with this customer appropriately, otherwise we’re insulting them," said Levy. "At Macy’s, we have an application that requests preferred language for the customer. It makes no assumptions. This is our biggest opportunity for the future, to embrace the Hispanic community. No matter what happens to the economy, we’ve got to know how to talk to the Hispanic consumer.”