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In-cosmetics Focuses on "Solar Beauty"

Posted: March 1, 2012

To tie in with the its Solar Beauty theme, In-cosmetics will bring the beach indoors for the 2012 event, April 17–19, and has made the "Spotlight on Sun Protection” scientific seminar—an opportunity to learn about the work being done by the International Standard Organization (ISO) cosmetic committee on sunscreen—the centerpiece of the three-day event.

“With In-cosmetics being hosted in Barcelona this year, and sun protection being so high up on the industry’s agenda, it made perfect sense for the theme of In-focus to be Solar Beauty," said Cathy Laporte, group marketing manager, In-cosmetics. "The 'beach' will provide a perfect central attraction at the show, guiding visitors through the solar beauty maze and enabling them to learn about the very latest research, services and innovation in sun care in a very topical environment.”

Complementing the scientific conversations, the  Marketing Trends Theatre will host panel discussions on best practices to manage consumer information and the promises of nanoparticles. The first panel features Patricia Pineau, L’Oréal; Marc Pissavini, Coty Lancaster; Benoît Escoffier, Oenobiol; and Catherine Franck, Plannetinov; who will offer advice on how to deal with widespread consumer misconceptions about sun protection and answer questions on safety issues in the age of Web 2.0.

The second panel will discuss why the use of nanoparticles has raised concerns among consumers and regulatory bodies even as the nanoparticles themselves have become key in some of the most significant breakthroughs in sun-protection innovation. Experts on the panel include Uli Ostervalder, BASF; Marc Pissivani, Coty Lancaster; and Olivier Le Curieux-Belfond, EcoMundo. The discussion will be moderated by Karl Lintner, well known for his vivifying views on innovation.

An “AdGallery” on the history of sun care, charting the evolution of advertising campaigns from the 1930s to the present day will provide some historical and consumer context to the overall theme.

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