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GCI Reports From HBA

By: Jeff Falk and Leslie Benson
Posted: September 8, 2008
GCI at HBA 2008

GCI continued to expand its presence at HBA, hosting the second Fragrance Business Conference and marking the launch of its redesigned website.

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Update Sept. 9, 1:30pm EST

Coughlan Products Corp., the formulator and custom manufacturer, announced it has received status as a USDA Certified Organic personal care product company, adding to its natural product lineup. "Working with leading suppliers of organic ingredients, we have screened numerous waxes, emollients, essential oils, botanicals and other ingredients to compile a pallet of the highest quality raw materials," says John Brahms, director of R&D, Coughlan. Meeting USDA standards allows the company to prove on-site certification of ingredients for customers.

Update Sept. 9, 1:20pm EST

Aiming to solve the challenge of dispensing viscous personal care products without aerosol spray technology or hand gel, Rexam Dispensing Systems launched the new Turbo Insert application at HBA. Adept for dispensing sunscreen lotions, hair gels and various emulsions, the technology allows for a wide spray pattern through a flexible pump system. Two years of R&D went into production of the product, which opens vast dispensing possibilities to the makers of gels, oils and lotions.

Rexam also announced at HBA the winner of its 4th Annual Formulation Challenge, an entrepreneurial contest for new uses of Rexam's air-pressurized foamers. Ande (All Natural, Diverse and Eco-Friendly) Cosmetics won the 2008 challenge for its Cool It! burn solve, packed with nutritional ingredients.

Update Sept. 9, 11:40am EST

In the Presentation Theater, Twincraft provided an overview and insight on advances in delivering actives through bar soaps. The challenges have alway been how to deliver effetive amounts of actives in a product that is rinsed away.

The company reports strides in time release delivery, and positive results demonstrated in studies on delivering salicylic acid and peptides. Bars with both actives are on the market, and range from mass products targeted to teenage boys to luxury bars in the $40 price range.