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GCI Joins Online Radio Discussion on Beauty Opportunities; Best Practices

Posted: June 15, 2009

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Sholanda McBride Armstrong, director of marketing, McBride Research Laboratories/Design Essentials: Design Essentials represents a success story within a market niche. Recently featured in an article on the $1.2 billion ethnic hair care market, the Design Essentials line features an innovative distribution strategy with high quality products and consumer loyalty as well as a burgeoning social media platform.

“It’s exciting to see growth still occurring within the beauty industry,” says BrainPowered Biz Radio host Tori Allen. “Companies looking to enter the sector, capitalize on existing opportunities and master new media platforms, will get the insight on our show to help them do just that.”

BrainPowered Biz Radio delivers the programs on sales, marketing and media. Recent interviews included Cynthia Good, founding editor and CEO of PINK magazine, who shared strategies for tapping into the woman consumer, and Colleen Stanley of SalesLeadership Inc, who detailed economy-independent resilient sales strategies. For more information on upcoming episodes, visit

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