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Fashion Group Meets on Health and Beauty

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: May 30, 2007

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Recently, Clinique collaborated with Weill Cornell Medical Center to make health information relevant to the consumer. It includes sharing the understanding of what the best technology is for taking care of the skin, and extends to taking allergy information and developing relevant products. Greene also cited a recent collaboration with Cosmopolitan, which encourages the use of self-tanning products for teenagers, who are increasingly contracting skin cancers as a result of tanning overexposure. The campaign is called, “Safe is the new sexy.”

“We are in the world of beauty,” said Greene. “We market in that world, and the evolution of that world has shifted. Asia is concerned about skin tone and skin whitening, and antiaging goes across all borders.”

“You can’t be healthy without beauty, and you can’t be beautiful without health,” Murad concluded. Clearly, the message resides in one’s interpretation of health and beauty, however, recent educational efforts and changing perspectives are advancing the dialog.