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Cosmoprof NA Names Brands Featured in Spotlights

Posted: May 17, 2013

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Revivogenpro (U.S.): Medically-formulated natural solution for thinning hair. Formulated by dermatologist Alex Khadavi, MD, Revivogen products have been successfully used to treat thinning hair in dermatology offices, hair transplant clinics and pharmacies.

Royal Apothic (U.S.): Inspired by a forgotten apothecary manual, Royal Apothic seeks to bring sovereign luxury with its complete range of perfumes, bath and body care, and home fragrances. The exclusive design house is led by noted designer Sean O’Mara. 

Sciote Skin(U.S.): Results driven, non-toxic products for skin using a blend of natural, certified-organic ingredients combined with the latest science. The ingredients are all pharmaceutical-grade, free of sulphates, thalates, parabens, dyes and artificial perfumes. 

Serenity+Scott Beauty (U.S.): Combining the skills, talents and esthetics of West Coast makeup artist, E. Scott Thompson and East Coast makeup artist Serenity Eyre to create a new line of cosmetics for the everyday woman and makeup artist alike. 

SEN7 (Germany): A refillable fragrance atomizer that allows consumers to carry their favourite fragrance. It has two ways of filling from a full-size fragrance: flush fitting funnel for filling from a bottle without a spray head and spraying directly into the tank by removing the spray head. 

Swoon (U.S.): A patent-pending cosmetics tool that is part spoon, part applicator designed to retrieve and apply every bit of gloss from a lip gloss tube.