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Color Correct

By: Sara Mason
Posted: January 27, 2014, from the January 2014 issue of GCI Magazine.

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And staying power and texture is as important as color in lips. glosses, in either wand or pot form, provide shine to lips, and Dow Corning PH-1560 Glossy Fluid is one new silicone fluid with a high viscosity and refractive index that can provide long-lasting shine.

For the coming season, matte lip finishes also are favored, and look especially fresh in electric orange and coral or cool pink and pale lilac tints, according to Roberts. She recommends keeping lipsticks to satin and cream textures—still monochromatic but with a more velvety feel.

Watching Labels

As the green beauty trend continues to evolve, brands also are focusing on clean labels with “free of” claims, with a heavy focus on ingredients that won’t be perceived as being “toxic,” according to Marks-McGee. Ilia relaunched its mascara with a new formula, replacing a synthetic preservative with a natural one derived from salt and sugar. “Brands and products with more natural ingredients will gain a much stronger following going forward because consumers are becoming more and more savvy to [ingredients],” says makeup artist Mee.

And as consumers become more informed, brands are going to continue to scramble to soothe the latest outrage over certain ingredients or ingredient types while continuing their efforts to dazzle consumers with the latest colors and effects.

Sara Mason is a freelance writer based in the Chicagoland area. She was previously managing editor of GCI magazine.