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Fashion & Beauty at Mass

By: LaShada Allen, Asha Daniels, Corey Reese, Melanie St. Amour and Kadi Thompson
Posted: August 26, 2011

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The space is an exciting way for mass retailers to promote and leverage existing designer collaborations within the store. In Target for example, the Get the London Look Event would feature existing beauty brands like Rimmel and Boots and fashion from British designer Luella Bartley. Representatives from the brands would be at the event to help increase awareness, and show the latest beauty and fashion looks from across the pond. A partnership with the airline Virgin Atlantic would offer a trip to London, so shoppers can wear their new look on an actual trip to London.

Once a shopper has attended a First Friday event, they will get an online preview and invite to the next event, where they can RSVP to assure a spot. In a mass retailer such as Kohl’s, the event space would be the perfect opportunity for a Vera Wang get the look event. Completed looks from her flirty Simply by Vera clothing line and her new makeup line could be debuted and sold together in the space. The First Friday’s event could also feature beauty and fashion by season, with the latest boot styles and lip-gloss shades to get you ready for fall. It could also be featured by color, with fragrance, clothing, and nail polishes all in coordinating of the moment shades.

The event space would also be a perfect place to leverage the booming bridal market. Since many brides are already registering in stores like Target, First Friday’s could launch exclusive limited time collections, where a curator selects everything you need to get a complete look for a rehearsal dinner, wedding shower, and honeymoon. All from one store.

Enamor Her Out of Store

In order to continue to capture the consumer’s attention and reinforce the connection that fashion and beauty can be linked at retail, it is necessary to enamor the consumer outside of the store. Retailers need to continue the in store conversation with interesting marketing and merchandising concepts in the world outside their doors. Pop-up stores, college campus events, retailer sponsored movie nights and home shopping partnerships all offer the opportunity for retailers to continue the fashion and beauty conversation.

Pop-up stores first came on the scene in 2003 and flourished through the recession due to the increased availability of vacant retail space. Now mainstays for luxury and mass brands and retailers, pop-up stores provide a unique opportunity for mass retailers to enamor consumers and showcase what is new while also creating buzz. The popularity continues to grow; for example, Toys R’Us opened 600 pop-up stores across the U.S. in 2011 compared to 90 in the previous year. Open for a limited time in highly trafficked urban locations, these stores would provide penetration into markets where mass retailers do not have brick and mortar stores.7