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Beauty for All: The Future of Prestige at Mass

By: Alison Aidlin, Elizabeth Del Pozo, Devin Homsey, Anahita Mekanik and Liza Rapay
Posted: August 26, 2011

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Level 2—The playground. The second sphere is the heart of the playground in which products are regrouped by category. The objective of this new classification is to better assist in finding the perfect product for her. Dedicated product displays include the Color Bank, Skin Solutions, the Fragrance Bar and Body Rituals. There is also an interactive display for pop-ups with a Microsoft touch screen. These countertop height fixtures allow consumers to freely touch and try products. Stock is stored under each section for easy replenishment like wine bottles. The first two spheres are also the models for smaller urban stores.

Level 3—The full mix. The third sphere is comprised of open-sell units, which blend product display, visual communication and stock for easy self-navigation. Best Sellers and Newness are also highlighted within these units. Combining intent-based shopping with discovery and play is only one facet of our model for we all know it won’t suffice unless she can find her favorite beauty toys.

Product Assortment

When shopping for beauty and fragrance, consumers look for delivery on a heartfelt emotional desire just as much as functional use. Mass tends to just sell products as commodities without nearly as much aspiration and emotion as we see in prestige.

How do we elevate the product assortment? With a three-tier strategy to elevate the product assortment model—focusing on The Heroes, The Experientials and The Prestige.

The Heroes: Mass is full of iconic products. The first tier focuses on existing core brands to showcase their hero products in much the same manner that prestige does. Creating heroes will elevate the customer’s experience to enhance the product and brand perception. According to Estee Lauder’s Jane Hudis, “the hero product becomes the engine that fuels the brand.” With the 40th anniversary of Maybelline’s Great Lash, this is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the product and its heritage and connect with the consumer.