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2007 Top Ten Hot Flavors & Fragrances

By: Bell Flavors & Fragrances
Posted: April 3, 2007
According to Bell Flavors & Fragrances, the majority of today’s consumers are beginning to recognize healthy alternatives in what they consume and use on their bodies. This recognition has allowed retailers to demand products that fit this market opportunity. The Organic, Allergen Free, All Natural, High Antioxidant, Zero Trans Fat, Hollistic Health consumer has caused major market retailers to push food, beverage and personal care processors for products that will appeal to this super healthy consumer.

The flavor and fragrance industry is at the forefront of the development of new tastes and aromas for these new consumers. Products developed and launched by Bell Flavors & Fragrances during the last two years have been developed directly from the processors, who in turn work directly with the consumer through evaluation of direct sales.

The company has found that the push for healthier products from the food and beverage industries exerts a great deal of influence on personal care markets, and flavors that launch in beverages cross over to personal care.

Below is a list of fruits and ideas that have started off, for the most part, in the food and beverage markets and have already entered into personal care markets—or have significant potential in these markets.

1. Pomegranate
2. Acai Berry
3. Goji Berry (Wolfberry)
4. Lulo Fruit
5. Mamey Fruit
6. Mangosteen
7. Blood Orange
8. Fresh Ginger Root
9. Guavasteen (Feijoa)
10. Cashew Apple (Maranon)