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Why should you develop your perfume with Mixer & Pack?

  1. It gives an additional figure to your business, increasing your product portfolio with a new category. 
  2. Mixer & Pack is an expert in olfactory marketing, creating products that generate high profitability for your brand. 
  3. We create a product of high fidelity. A scent builds loyalty to your consumer with faster speed and effectiveness than any other type of reference. 
  4. Give added value to your brand with Mixer & Pack. The perfumery generates an extra value to your business, increasing the value of your brand and its position in the market. 
  5. Amplifies the consumer profile. A perfume increases the accessibility to your brand thanks to the diversification of the price, without changing your brand image. 
  6. It increases the traffic and frequency of visitors in your selling point. The diversification of the product increases the traffic of people in your selling point due to the portfolio growth, together with the increase with the frequency of visits for the loyalty that your perfume attracts and creates. 
  7. Increases the average basket. The purchase of a perfume is thanks to the impulse purchase, and that´s why the value of the average basket is increased. 
  8. The olfactory marketing boosts the image and memory of your brand. The olfactory marketing is the strongest stimulation technique that Mixer & Pack provides for transmitting the values thanks to the strong memory that it generates. 
  9. Mixer & Pack is the leader in the “total look” concept. The olfactory marketing contributes on transmitting the concept and philosophy of your brand, through your scent. 
  10. Mixer & Pack, Spain´s leadership and expertise as the 2nd perfumery exporter worldwide, being the American market its first exporter country.

For more information visit: https://www.mixerpack.es/en/


Mixer & Pack is the European leader in the development of perfumery for private label and specialist in reflecting your brand values in fragrances. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, Mixer & Pack is at the forefront of trends, both olfactory and design, with the most important international certificates and most advanced industrial technology. 

And the fact is that Mixer & Pack understands that it is not only important what it is done, but how is it done. 

For this reason, the designer, developer and manufacturer of perfumery and ambiance for third parties, makes the differences for most important fashion firms of the market, helping the client during all the process; from product formulation, investigation, design, manufacturing, packaging and packing to the document management for market launch in more than 130 countries. 

Being a clear reference in the sector and introducing itself as one of the most avant-garde companies of its production chain, Mixer & Pack is an emotions manufacturer.        


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