Z.I. de la Nau
Saint-Viance 19240
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An independent French company, SILAB is recognized worldwide as a specialist of biological active ingredients engineered for the cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry. Our research laboratories and production units feature all the excellence, i.e., equipment and talent, required to deliver constant innovation and to launch several high quality, continually safe and efficacy-proven active molecules each year. Stemming from naturally sourced raw materials, SILAB selects and concentrates the best of nature through non-denaturing advanced technologies to address the major orientations of modern cosmetology (skin care, sun care and hair care) with eco-friendly, patented and easy to formulate active ingredients compliant with international cosmetic regulations.

Geographic sales distribution:SILAB is a French company specialized in highly efficient natural active molecules intended for the worldwide cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics industries
  • Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredient Supplier
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Color Cosmetics, Hair Care, Ingredient Function, Skin/Body)
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