Identipak Inc

300 E. Beech Ave.
McAllen, TX 78501


“Sampling is our business. We have been creating new and innovative product samples for the personal care, cosmetics, home, and nutrition industries for 30 years. Customer experience drives us. We uphold the highest standard of quality, creativity, and environmental awareness in our packaging design and manufacturing. Our experience in unit dose packaging, the quality of our work, the aesthetics of our finished products and the competitiveness of our costs make us undeniably appealing to work with.”

Key Personnel

Samuel Sanchez, President/CEO

Margery Woodin, VP Sales

Liz Ramos, VP Finance

Gabriela Garcia Rojas, Customer Service Manager

Michelle Garrett, Marketing Director

Dora Guerrero, Quality Assurance and Compliance

Company Description

Unit dose filling has driven growth at Identipak. The Identipak team is always looking for innovation in print technology, specialty films, mini components, and quality systems to keep our customers as excited as they are in what is accomplished. Staffed with over 75 employees, Identipak is a solution-driven company, ready to take on the most challenging innovative applications as contract packagers. Identipak is FDA Identipak is an FDA (OTC, Dietary Supplements, Medical Device), UL, and #USDA Organic Inspected and Registered facility with 30 years of experience in the Beauty and Personal care industry.

New at Identipak

Identipak truly embodies a sampling company. Originally, our focus was on mastering sachets and pouches; our innovation has completely transformed the market. Identipak has been researching the most innovative sampling avenues and are now proud to offer our customers deluxe mini-tubes, blister packs, perfume glass vials and other mini-components. Using exceptional materials and machinery, Identipak is offering the highest quality in the market.


Our capabilities include, #flexible packaging of #stickpack, #diecut, standup and classic formats. For rigid packaging our capabilities include #small dose of #perfume vials, #droppers, mini jars, tubes, blister packs and bottle filling. We also count with affixing and assembly lines for impeccable and impacting final packouts. We fill fragrances, pastes, liquids, towelettes, dual dispensing fills, face mask inserts, powder, wax, lotion, granular, essential oils, and high and low temperature fills. Identipak can provide any solution for your sampling needs.

Identipak’s microbiology laboratory offers peace of mind not only to our customers but to our team, ensuring every step of the process is carefully monitored to ensure the utmost quality. Our in-house machine shop and team of Engineers keep our machines running smoothly to meet commitments. Employees are happy and clever, with an uncanny curiosity to learn something new every day and make our services and products better. Identipak is not too small but not too large to miss that personal connection that allows us to identify the needs of our customers and execute them. Identipak was originally set up to service multinational mass market retailers, which means the machines are designed to fulfill orders in the millions per week. But with time, we have accommodated the prestige retailers and teamed up in programs which are only in the hundred-thousands. It is this flexibility, too, that makes partnering with Identipak of great advantage.

Finishing Capabilities

Identipak offers a large range of secondary packaging services to put the finishing touch on product sampling campaigns, such as tipping, label affixing, embossing, stamping, textured finishes, lamination, cold foil, shrink wrapping, boxing, lot coding, and bagging.

  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Custom Packaging, Filling Sample)
  • Packaging Services(Consulting, Design Services)
  • Packaging Components(Pouches, Sample Size Packaging, Travel/Kits, Tubes [Collapsible])