PKG Group

1875 Century Park East
Suite 2240
Century City, LA, CA 90067
United States

Yonwoo/PKG – a global supplier of complete packaging solutions for beauty, skin care, personal care, OTC and medications. Offering standard and custom packaging, with dispensing and application solutions for sprays, creams, lotions, serums, powders, low viscosity oils, high viscosity emulsions and product mixing.

Yonwoo/PKG excels at delivering that “last centimeter” of product for an enhanced and satisfying consumer experience.

Research and Development

We are constantly innovating new high-quality dispensing and consumer applications with industrial design and engineering capabilities that work closely with our customer’s formulations. Together with an expert staff of sales, service, and QA profes- sionals we help realize any new product initiative.

Geographic sales distribution:Global
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Packaging Services(Design Services)
  • Packaging Components(Applicators, Disposable, Bottles/Jars, Cosmetic Cases, Dispensing Pumps, Droppers, Lipstick Containers, Mascara Packaging, Miniature Packaging, Tubes [Collapsible], Vials)