WS Packaging Group

2571 S. Hemlock Road
Green Bay, WI 54229
Toll Free:1-877-977-5177

WS Packaging Group offers the widest array of printing and flexible packaging options across 22 manufacturing facilities in the US and Mexico. Our extensive printing techniques, complex constructions, innovative materials, and wide variety of finishing and packaging systems propel brands to the next level with the same quality results from simple labels to complex multi-web constructions and any other type of primary decoration. Dedicated technology experts match the right materials and coatings to the application. For over 45 years we’ve produced high-quality labeling and packaging solutions for small businesses to large, high-volume manufacturers and consumer product goods companies.

Geographic sales distribution:Facilities: United States, Mexico
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Packaging Services(Printing, Offset)
  • Packaging Components(Cartons, Folding)