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Safety, Efficacy, Claims and Media Support. At ALS, we make it easy.

In the Beauty & Personal Care segment, ALS delivers results to clients in over 30 countries, with the best and most reliable field solutions for decision making. We understand that your needs are unique, and we tailor our studies accordingly. We work closely with you to develop protocols that meet your brand's specific requirements.

Our solutions across the world:

• 40+ Years of strong performance;

• 10 Beauty & Personal Care laboratories between Brazil, USA and Europe;

• 7,000 Clinical studies conducted per year;

• 4,000 People participate in the studies every month;

• 1,000 Products tested every month.

People, equipment and technical knowledge one stop shop. Now imagine crossing these variables all at once. Single site performance allows more control and comparability of the results. Diversity and control all in one place.

Years in business:45
Number of employees:19,000
Geographic sales distribution:USA: Houston, New York, Torrance, Los Angeles, Irving and Phoenix. BRAZIL: Sao Paulo and Campinas.
Sales Channel:[email protected]
Services Specialization:

SAFETY• HRIPT - Performed on a weekly basis;• Safety in Use - Dermatological, Ophthalmological, Gynecological, Pediatric, and many more;• SPF Validation Studies.CLINICAL EFFICACY• Anti-Aging;• Instrumental Measurements to measure Hydration/ Moisturization/Elasticity/ Transepidermal Water Loss;• Hair Tress Testing;• Consumer Perception• Makeup Performance;• Image Analysis;• Efficacy Studies in Deodorants and Antiperspirants.TESTING• Analytical Chemistry;• Microbiology;• Stability;• Compatibility;• Toxicology.MEDIA SUPPORT• Before & After Photos;• Video Testimony;• Data Interpretation;• Proof of Clinical Efficacy;• Social & Digital Content.MAIN SUPPORTED CLAIMS• Clinically Proven;• Noncomedogenic;• Dermatologically Tested/ Ophthalmologically Tested/ Gynecologically Tested/ Pediatrician Tested;• Non Irritating;• Suitable for Sensitive Skin;• Ophthalmologically  Tested.

Product Summary:

ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL YOUR TESTING NEEDS. AT ALS, WE MAKE IT EASY.Analytical chemistry, clinical efficacy, clinical safety, microbiology and media support.In the Personal Care segment, ALS brings scientific and analytical solutions for the confirmation and support of claims, which guarantee the safety and efficacy of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics products. Discover how we drive product growth and credibility through clinical testing. We have the expertise to help you ensure your products are safe and effective.

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