5115 Sedge Blvd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
United States

Sensient Flavors & Extracts is a division of Sensient Technologies Corporation and one of the world’s leading flavor and extracts companies, operating in 30 countries. Sensient’s innovative technologies offer optimal choices for complete flavor system development.

Years in business:142
Number of employees:4000
Geographic sales distribution:Global
Sales Channel:Food & Beverage
Product Summary:

Sensient’s flavor technologists are deeply skilled in the ability to create clean, natural labeling alongside expertise in crafting fun, eye-catching and delicious flavor combinations for foods and beverages.Our flavorists are experts in their field and understand the complexity behind building a great tasting, consumer-preferred flavor from the ground up. When building the perfect flavor, our flavorists consider the full flavor build – from backend notes that are the foundation providing body and depth, to the middle notes that define the character and profile, to the front notes that provide the immediate perception of freshness.

  • Flavor Raw Material Supplier