Concept Workshop Worldwide, LLC

641 Lexington Ave.
14th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Concept Workshop designs, develops, manufactures and licenses innovative packaging developments, devices and premium products for health and beauty, medical, courier, and premium gift markets.  We work with our clients to customize our patented designs and technologies to meet their proprietary design requirements. We also provide high quality 3D and CNC prototyping services for market presentations.

Years in business:25
Geographic sales distribution:Worldwide
Sales Channel:Distribution, agents, partnerships, and direct sales
Services Specialization:

We offer our innovations and services in three ways: 1) We license our patents and ideas to your brand. 2) We adapt our patented concepts to your branded design and manufacture them at one of our contract partners located in Southeast Asia and North America. 3) We work with your marketing team to develop new patentable design solutions to meet your product and packaging requirements. We are especially welcoming to small and startup operations and brands.


We work with our customers to develop superior quality products with an aim toward sustainable productions.

Service, support & spare parts:

We have full prototype and design capabilities with the ability to create fully functional prototype of your product that is aesthetically accurate, structurally strong, and feels like the object that you want produce. We also have extensive experience in managing manufacturing projects in Southeast Asia and China and have Chinese-speaking staff on hand.

Product Summary:

We have multiple patented and patent-pending developments that address sustainable concerns in the packaging industry. Our package products include refillable, modular, and reusable packaging and product delivery devices such as refillable lipstickapplicators, modular makeup compacts, innovative mirror compacts, modular cosmetic/accessory purses, and low-waste secondary packaging. Our newest developments include our low-material carton box. We strive to use sustainable materials such as PCRs and recyclables. Please visit our website for more information of how we can work with you.

  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Cosmetic Brushes & Applicators, Custom Packaging, Delivery Systems, Devices/Tech, Sampling/Promotion Material, Single Unit Doses)
  • Marketing and Brand Management Services(Design Services, POP/Displays)
  • Packaging Services(Design Services)
  • Packaging Components(Applicators, Applicators, Disposable, Bags, Biodegradable, Box Board, Box Board-Leatherette, Boxes, Cartons, Folding, Cases, Swivel, Child-resistant and more)