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CrossChem Limited is part of The Cross Group family of companies with operating entities in USA and China. CrossChem launched in 2001 as a spin-off of a Rohm andCross Chem Portrait Haas Company product line following the 1999 acquisition of Morton International. We utilize patent pending and proprietary chemistries to produce low volume, high value specialty chemicals. Each product represents challenging, next-generation technologies implemented across a global manufacturing footprint.



GlyAcid® - a global benchmark for high-purity glycolic acid. It is produced specifically for today’s personal

care applications. Derived from a proprietary acid saponification and purification process that does not use formaldehyde, GlyAcid® delivers a formaldehyde free glycolic acid in a 70% solution (GlyAcid® 70 HP) and 99% crystalline (GlyAcid® 99 HP).


GlySmart® - an amphoteric complex consisting of 64% glycolic acid and 10% arginine. The di-pole bond of the complex controls the release of glycolic acid onto the surface of the skin minimizing irritation. Studies have shown that the arginine-glycolic acid formulation is similarly effective to glycolic acid alone in spurring skin replenishment.

New Product Launch


GlyBond® - a patent pending keratin bond-building technology expected to launch in 2024. This innovative new molecule incorporates polymatrix engineering to cross-link axes across keratin cortex structures to significantly improve hair quality. Stay tuned for more information.

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