Phoenix Packaging International Corporation

847 Rue McCaffrey
Montreal, QC H4T 1N3
Toll Free:1-800-661-6481

We offer full-service custom packaging design and manage the sourcing and supply chain for our clients. We offer design services for glass, plastic, ceramic, aluminum and metals and ensure that all elements of the packaging are conducive to the specific nature of our client's business.

Geographic sales distribution:Based in North America, we have partners in all regions internationally.
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Packaging Services(Consulting, Decoration [Enameling & Frosting], Decoration [Foil], Design Services, Testing)
  • Packaging Components(Bottles, Bottles/Jars, Cans, Caps, Closures, Labels, Molders, Plastic, Plastic Materials, Tubes [Collapsible])