Dynatabs, LLC.

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SERENITY HOME SPA® and VANITY® Pre-moistened Skincare Repairing Conduction Masks combining natural minerals in a liquid hydrating foundation to regenerate maturing skin meeting consumer demands of decreasing both deep and superficial facial wrinkles and blemished skin; regulate and reduce inflammation of free radicals with antioxidant protection targeting dull and oily or dry skin, reducing pollutants’ ability to adhere to the skin, coinciding with breaking down toxins in the skin cells, limiting sebum production, and cleansing the pores resulting in a younger unblemished appearance embracing the care trends facing the market. Solutions specific products include Aloe Vera for soothing the skin from natural irritation and burns, Marine Collagen, Wrinkle, Acne, Aging, Whitening management inclusive of Breast, Buttocks, Eyes area, Face, Feet, Forehead, Hands, Hips, Knees, Lips, Neck, Nipples, Nose, Shins. DYNADOO® Convenient Nourishing Hair Gel Styling Strips – for good grooming on the go. A unique styling pocket pack product for strong hair styling control while adding incredible texture and control. Ideal for travelers since it is TSA allowed for entry as carry-on aboard airplanes, public government buildings, work, and school, everywhere Fun party and sports events favor.

Years in business:42
Number of employees:249
Geographic sales distribution:Global
Sales Channel:Importers, wholesalers
Product Summary:

Serenity Home Spa® product line by, includes everything you need to visibly help repair your skin’s appearance with respect to lines, wrinkles and discoloration, toning,uplifting your skin texture, elasticity, hydration, nutrition, vitality, cleansing, exfoliating to absorb and expel excess oil causing unsightly acne thereby promoting cleaner pores and its contraction, soothing blemish prone skin of burns, irritation, inflammation stemming from a non-disease or normal function, assist to boost skin renewal bioavailability helping to repair visible signs of aging and to improve your appearance by luxuriously pampering yourself ........... Who doesn't need that!Serenity Home Spa® precious natural ingredients, brightening essences and production techniques meet all of the multiple demands of the consumers to repair imperfections, works in synergy to deliver the actives for effective results to repair and prevent further skin damage, creating a barrier between the skin and the elements, to improve the skin’s coloring, tone and texture while protecting against free-radical damage, resulting to help keep your face looking youthful, healthy, blemish-free, and radiant.

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