315 W. 39th Street
Studio 601
New York 10018

Metapack was founded in Paris, France in 1998, to design, engineer and manufacture luxury perfume, cosmetic and spirit packaging components.Products creations range from perfume caps, plates, bottles embellishments, to finished items like pursers, compacts, and accessories.Headquarted in Paris, Metapack has two subsidiaries: onebased in Hong-Kong since 2003 and more recentlyMetapack opened a new office and showroom in New York.

Geographic sales distribution:Europe & the Americas
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Business Services(Equipment/Manufacturing/Supply Chain Services)
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Custom Packaging)
  • Packaging Components(Compacts & Rouge Cases, Cosmetic Cases, Lipstick Containers, Miniature Packaging, Refillable)