Certified Group

3125 North Damon Way
Burbank, CA 91505
United States

As part of Certified Group, Certified Laboratories is committed to delivering technical solutions and quality testing our customers can feel confident in – on time, every time – so the world can trust in what it consumes.

We provide comprehensive testing services for cosmetics and personal care products. Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and validated methods, we offer expert analyses including microbiology, chemistry, stability studies, and preservative effectiveness.  

We also excel in OTC product testing, confirming active/inactive raw material and finished goods’ identity, purity, strength, and quality. We evaluate microbial contamination, conduct shelf-life testing, and guide product labeling, complying with FDA and cGMP regulations.

Years in business:25
Number of employees:250
Geographic sales distribution:US, Canada, EU
Services Specialization:

Stability/Compatibility Studies, Shelf-Life Studies, Analytical Chemistry, Sterility, Microbiology Testing, Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET)

  • Testing Services(Chemical Analysis, Microbiology, Safety/Stability, Sensory, Sun Protection)