Bio-Beauty Health Products

4 Paddy Place
Oxenford, Queensland 4210
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Bio-Beauty Health - Choose from our incredible health and beauty products - Nopal Cactus anti-inflammatory for chronic inflammation -Sublingual B12 with folic acid and B - Winalite Ionised pads - LifeWave Nanotech patches - Bioptron Light & Color Therapy - Colour Therapy e-book Training - Hair allergy testing (400 foods) - Young Living Essential oils - Hemp organic skincare. Bioptron Polychromatic Light Therapy - Cell Bio stimulation;Rejuvenating ;Healing and Pain relief Get a new career in Color Therapy - Certificate e-book training ; Australian and Swiss herbal skin care; Gotu Kola healing balm; Oxygen Sterile spray to heal, regenerate and

  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Balms, Capsules, Skin Care)