21st Sensory, Inc.

400 SE Frank Phillips Blvd.
Bartlesville, OK 74003

2st Sensory's trained descriptive analysis panelists are human calibrated instruments that identify and measure the sensory characteristics of products, providing unique sensory "fingerprints" of personal care products and consumer goods. Before reformulating products, have data that benchmark the starting point. Combined with consumer hedonics, drivers of liking mapping studies reveal market oppotunities and consumer insights. Test for optimum sensory stability. Compare products to competitors. Other studies include home use studies, focus and product discussion groups, central location consumer studies. Site includes temperature regulated sinks and showers for consumer and panel research. Call for more information.

  • Marketing and Brand Management Services(Consultants, Focus Groups)
  • Packaging Services(Testing)
  • Testing Services(Efficacy, Method/Process)