Sif Cosmetics

Vikurhvarf 3
Kopavogur 203
Toll Free:3541570

Sif Cosmetics is an Icelandic biotechnology company fully owned by ORF Genetics. Sif Cosmetics was founded to develop, market and sell formulated growth factors produced by ORF Genetics for cosmetic applications under the brand name BIOeffectâ„¢ cellular activators. ORF Genetics was founded in 2001 and with years of dedicated research and development, the company has originated a revolutionary way of using barley grain, instead of bacteria or mammalian cells, for production of recombinant growth factors. Sif Cosmetics and ORF Genetics are based in Iceland and use clean and sustainable geothermal energy to power their green manufacturing process of production.

Geographic sales distribution:The whole world
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Cosmeceuticals/Nutraceuticals/Supplements, OTC, Skin Care)