Glen Mills Inc.

220 Delawanna Ave.
Clifton,, NJ 07014

The company markets laboratory- to production-sized equipment. Precision power blending in the Kakuhunter Centrifugal Planetary Mixer and System Schatz shaker-mixer featuring interchangeable containers. Dry milling of just about any material from rocks to proteins. The equipment includes mills that are able to comminute materials from fist size down to submicron size. Wet milling of suspended solids or emulsions by ultrasound, homogenization, and bead milling. Used to produce suspensions where submicron particles and stable dispersions are needed. Sample dividers, sifters, and sieve screens. Beads/balls for agitation and grinding of glass, ceramic, metal, and tungsten carbide. Z-RP Cell Culture Bioreactor System.

Geographic sales distribution:North America (US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico)
  • Business Services(Equipment/Manufacturing/Supply Chain Services)