Invivosciences Inc.

510 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI 53719

Invivosciences provides alternatives to animal testing for the cosmetic and consumer goods industries and is committed to advancing regenerative medicine, innovative therapeutic solutions to life-threatening illnesses, new products and claims development with its tissue-based physiological profiling system for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer chemical industries. The company has combined 3D human cell culture technology with high-throughput screening to provide a powerful discovery platform for predicting toxicity and candidate efficacy and claim development. Its products reduce cost, time and attrition rate in drug and product development by providing biologically relevant responses from human tissue equivalents sooner.

Geographic sales distribution:Global
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Delivery Systems)
  • Equipment Manufacturer(Testing Equipment)
  • Testing Services(Animal Alternatives, Chemical Analysis, Efficacy, Method/Process, Microbiology, Safety/Stability, Sensory, Sun Protection)