Automation Products, Inc. - DYNATRO Division

3030 Maxroy Street
Houston 77008-6294
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For over 65 years, Automation Products, Inc. has developed and manufactured DYNATROL┬« process measurement and control equipment.  Dynatrol┬« instruments are known for dependability and a sound performance for inline or in vessel applications, across many industries.  DYNATROL┬« instruments provide accurate measurement of: 1.  LIQUID POINT LEVEL DETECTION of Liquids and Slurries and 2.  POWDER BULK SOLIDS (DRY) at High- Mid- or Low-point levels. 3.  INTERFACE LEVELS between liquids and settled solids. 4.  DENSITY, Specific Gravity, Percent Solids, Percent Concentration, API Gravity of liquids and slurries with immediate and continuous response. 5.  VISCOSITY continuous in-line measurement of process liquids and slurries. 

Geographic sales distribution:USA and Canada
  • Equipment Manufacturer(Processing Equipment)