Production Decorating Company Inc.

184 Railroad Hill St
Waterbury, CT 06708
Toll Free:800-924-5012

We specialize in silk screen printing/cosmetic decoration with the capability to mass produce a variety of high quality products including lipstick shells, mascara tubes, perfume collars, connector sleeves,  jar covers and many more items. Printable materials include a wide range of plastics, metals, anodized aluminum, and more.  We offer contract printing.

Geographic sales distribution:United States
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Business Services(Equipment/Manufacturing/Supply Chain Services)
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Custom Packaging)
  • Marketing and Brand Management Services(Brand Imaging/Building, New Product Launches, Promotions/Events)
  • Packaging Services(Printed Instructions, Package Enclosure, Printing, Offset)
  • Packaging Components(Bottles/Jars, Containers, Cosmetic Cases, Labels, Lipstick Containers, Mascara Packaging, Vials)