Rayuen Beauty

1378 Wenyi West Road, Cangqian Street, Yuhang District
Hangzhou 311121

Rayuen Beauty, a primary cosmetic packaging supplier for makeup products, develops and manufactures innovative cosmetic packaging components for global beauty brands. To meet clients' diverse demands and provide exclusive services, we have integrated all production procedures and techniques. Contact us for more information.

Geographic sales distribution:China
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Packaging Services(Consulting, Decoration [Enameling & Frosting], Decoration [Foil], Design Services, Printed Instructions, Package Enclosure, Printing, Offset)
  • Packaging Components(Ampoules, Applicators, Disposable, Bottles, Bottles/Jars, Caps, Child-resistant, Closures, Compacts & Rouge Cases, Containers, Cosmetic Cases and more)