Global Cosmetic Industry Issue Archive

Global Cosmetic Industry November 2021 - GCI21-11
November 2021 - GCI21-11
What does the future of beauty look like? How is color cosmetics making a comeback? How can we solve melanated skin's sebum challenge? What are successful wellness brand strategies? Is the consumer ready for single-dose beauty for product mainstays?
Global Cosmetic Industry October 2021 - GCI2110
October 2021 - GCI2110
What is trending in hair care ingredients? What ingredient trends has 2021 seen? How has hair wellness evolved? What are the current beauty packaging launches?
Global Cosmetic Industry September 2021 - GCI2109
September 2021 - GCI2109
What are the current well-aging skin and hair trends? How has well-aging evolved? What are the top anti-aging ingredient trends? How can beauty supply chains adapt in the pandemic era?
Global Cosmetic Industry July 2021 - GCI2107
July 2021 - GCI2107
What are the clean ingredient trends in 2021? What are the current sustainable packaging trends? How is waste-free beauty evolving?
Global Cosmetic Industry June 2021 - GCI2106
June 2021 - GCI2106
What are the leading trends in indie beauty? How has makeup made a comeback? How has home hair care changed? What are the leading trends in makeup and packaging?
Global Cosmetic Industry May 2021 - GCI2105
May 2021 - GCI2105
What are the top trends for fragrance ingredients in 2021? How can you best optimize e-commerce in the new normal? How has sun care been innovated?