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MMP, Inc.

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For over thirty years, MMP has been recognized as a reliable and versatile source of raw materials and specialty products for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Development of new products, manufacturing from small to large quantities, location and supply of high quality ingredients are our pledge to the industry.

MMP continues to be distinctly committed to meeting the highly individualized needs of each of our clients by providing custom synthesis and extraction of proprietary compounds and developing new, cutting edge applications.

MMP's primary office facility and research lab are in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Our European sales office located in France also contributes to our R&D activity and scientific surveillance. MMP has representation throughout Europe and Asia, along with manufacturing capacities in the United States, Europe and Asia.


MMP, Inc. develops specially purified vegetal extracts, natural origin products with innovating cosmetic potential, as well as custom synthesis of proprietary compounds. Our innovation also focuses on self-emulsifying bases and original formulation aids, which have been recognized by grants of several patents in the area of new formulation systems. Environmental-friendly products and processes is our priority with the development of our vegetal alternatives to animal products. MMP, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for: ActiChem – grape vine extracts, (North America); Cobiosa – exotic specialty oils and natural actives (COSMOS), (USA and Canada); Sisterna – natural sucrose esters (COSMOS, NPA certified), (USA and Canada)