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McKernan Packaging Clearing House

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Celebrating our 60th Anniversary, McKernan Packaging Clearing House offers the industry’s highest quality packaging at a discounted rate, along with the lowest minimums. McKernan began by buying and selling surplus packaging, growing their Best Value line. Eventually, McKernan added a complete line of Wholesale Packaging, including over 1,200 line items with over 100 million packaging units in the warehouse…all ready to ship!

McKernan’s global presence is stronger than ever with customers worldwide looking to McKernan for their packaging needs. McKernan helps small businesses, start-ups and larger corporations find quality packaging components at a fraction of the cost. Since most of our stock is stored in our warehouse, McKernan is able to ship most orders in less than 48 hours. Whether you are looking for sophisticated and polished, bold and fun, or even simple designs, McKernan has something for almost everyone with unlimited opportunities to produce unique package designs.



“We Buy Surplus!” McKernan also helps businesses repurpose their excess/surplus inventory by purchasing unused and unbranded components, such as bottles, jars, closures and more. McKernan coined the phrase “pre-cycling” because the program allows companies to recapture some of their initial investment and keeps excess inventory out of the landfills. McKernan is an environmentally responsible and smart solution to scrapping or traditional recycling. When you need to clear inventory in a short amount of time, call McKernan. For more information on this program, visit WeBuyPackaging.com or email Surplus@McKernan.com.

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