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Robertet Fragrances Inc.

Phone: 33-4-9340-3366
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Robertet, a natural partner of fragrances, flavors, and health and beauty products, integrates all stages of the creative process to bring the world sustainable, organic raw materials.  From seed, to harvest, transformation, extraction, refinement, and finally release:  Robertet is an innovative and responsible world leader.


OUR EXPERTISE: For over 200 years, Robertet has been at the source of natural ingredients for the aroma, perfume and beauty active ingredients industry. Our expertise goes from the origin - the seed, the leaves and the flowers - to the industrial know-how always reinvented: extraction, hydro-distillation, purification, molecular distillation, CO2 extraction, co-distillation ... Questioned, shelled, our reveal the amazing talents of life. Pioneer of natural molecules and leader of organic essential oils with 25% of the market, Robertet responds to the incessant need to renew agreements and proposals. Our team of perfumers-creators in raw materials identifies new elements, work on original olfactory and aromatic assemblages. They open up perspectives and offer "creative bricks" to the inspiration of perfumers and flavourists. Our innovations, like our undisputed references, are based on sourcing that values ​​the sustainability, traceability and security of supply of the natural raw material.