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Over 130 years’ experience in microbiology

In 1889, Schülke & Mayr founders Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr launched Lysol®, the first brand-name disinfectant. Within three years, it was employed to successfully control a cholera epidemic raging in Hamburg.

The microbiological science initially used to protect people was soon applied to safeguard industrial products – beginning with the introduction of grotan®, the world’s first brand-name preservative, in 1924. Today, over 130 years after schülke was founded, innovation remains an essential part of our company’s philosophy. Over 200 patents, certificates, and awards are testimony to our trailblazing approach.

Since 1996, schülke has been part of Air Liquide, a global enterprise headquartered in France that specializes in the production and distribution of industrial and medical gases.


We develop, manufacture and sell over 220 products in more than 80 countries. Our portfolio includes disinfectants, antiseptics, preservatives for cosmetic applications, active ingredients, biocides and more. Our products prevent contamination, extending the longevity of diverse materials and end-products. This conserves valuable resources and ensures a longer shelf-life.

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