Traceability: The foundation of an optimized cosmetics supply chain

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Supply chain management is more complex than ever before.  Manufacturers are experiencing the pressures of a volatile business environment and consumers’ increased expectations. This has placed a greater burden on beauty brands who also face the ongoing threat of counterfeiting.

For cosmetics brands to remain competitive in today’s changed environment, their supply chains must become more resilient and adaptable—and it all begins with traceability.

Traceability in action

Traceability provides transparency throughout the supply chain. This visibility helps brands identify inefficiencies, serve customers better and optimize operations—from raw material sourcing to consumer purchase.

Most organizations already have access to some level of traceability, through the various partners in the sourcing and distribution chain. However, this information is often obtained through multiple siloed systems which do not communicate with each other, meaning that data is inconsistent and difficult to use. 

Today, the most cutting-edge traceability solutions enable manufactures to identify and capture data for key metrics that help build, measure and improve performance. Brands can track individual products and record every transaction across the supply chain. With this level of traceability, you can instantly verify which products are where, which partners have them and how everything relates. Not only does this ensure product authenticity and safety but delivers rich insight for improved consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

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Owning your traceability data

Transforming a supply chain is no small task. But building a robust traceability program now provides the key data, partnerships and insight needed to transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

Our Systech traceability experts can help. We’ve developed a resource to get you started. Download the paper and discover:

  • Concrete steps to ramp up your traceability program    
  • How to determine the right level of traceability to drive business goals
  • The importance of building a traceability ecosystem

It’s time to build a traceable supply chain…


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