As a passionate beauty and skincare expert, we offer unique ingredients, derived from the very best of our technology, and combine them with inspiring concepts in order to give our customers a leg up.

In line with Seppic Corporate Social Responsibility, our vision is to help everyone enjoy a healthy life in a healthy environment:

  • Caring for our People by enabling everyone to work safely and in good health, promoting well-being and personal development;
  • Caring for the Environment by continuously reducing the environmental footprint of our activities, particularly with regard to climate and biodiversity;
  • Caring for all our Stakeholders by engaging and listening to our stakeholders, particularly our suppliers and customers, in order to move forward together throughout the supply chain.
Geographic sales distribution:Worldwide
Services Specialization:

From the ingredient to the formulationFor Seppic, mastering the formulation of its customers' finished products is a source of innovation for maximizing the effectiveness of its ingredients, offering unique sensory signatures and proposing new formulation or gesture concepts.From the ingredient to a wide range of applicationsThe richness of Seppic unique ingredients portfolio makes it possible to address multiple cosmetic categories, such as skin care and hair care, but also make-up and sun care. Multiple possibilities with a few ingredients.From the ingredient to the support of our customers around the worldWith its Customer Technical Service Centers in France, the United States, Brazil, China and India, as well as its marketing and sales teams around the world, Seppic offers to its customers a support tailored to their local needs: personalized training, formulation advice, and technical assistance.From the ingredient to the understanding of consumers’ expectationsBased on our in-depth comprehension and know-how of the market, we continuously improve our ingredients to meet consumers’ expectations through time and geographical regions. Seppic teams are able to deliver bespoke marketing concepts for future cosmetic customers' projects.

Product Summary:

Our Research & Innovation teams strive to design innovative solutions, relying on our 4 technology pillars: Polymer science, Plant-based chemistry, Botanical extraction and Marine biotechnologies.Our product portfolio includes:Active ingredients for skin care and hair carePolymeric Thickeners & StabilizersEmulsifiersSensory IngredientsFoaming agentsBuilding on our skincare solutions and our nutricosmetics ingredients, we aim to pioneer the "Inside & Out" beauty concept. At the crossroads of the nutraceuticals and cosmetics industries, it provides beauty benefits through oral and topical applications.

  • Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredient Supplier
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Actives, Balancing-soothing, Cleansing, Conditioning, Formulating aids, Hair Care, Moisturizing, Natural/Sustainable, Preservation, Rheology-thickener and more)
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulas(AP/Deodorant, Anti-aging/Face, Bath/Shower, Color Cosmetics, Hair Care, Oral Care, Skin Care, Sun Care)
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