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Berjé Inc. is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over seven decades and three generations. The company was founded in 1949 by two brothers, Alexander and Julius “Les” Bleimann, whose creative approach utilizing art, science, and a passion for ingredients from around the world set the stage for Berjé to become a leading supplier of the flavor and fragrance industry. From this foundation, Kim Bleimann was able to grow Berjé into a multinational portfolio of brands known as the “Berjé Group,” housing over 300 essential oils and 3000 aromatic chemicals. With the Whole Herb Company headquartered in Sonoma, California and Berjé Trakia based in Bulgaria, Berjé now maintains a presence in over 75 countries, working side-by-side with traditional growing communities to produce some of the finest essential oils and raw botanicals in the world. From their origins as a humble office space in lower Manhattan to their current cutting-edge facility in Carteret, New Jersey, Berjé remains the family-owned industry leader like no other.


Key Global Capabilities 

Berjé’s company headquarters, raw materials repository, and manufacturing operations are located in central New Jersey, with satellite warehousing facilities in Chicago and Los Angeles. We house over 3,000 aromatic chemicals and virtually every commercially-available essential oil, making our inventory one of the largest in the industry by-far. We maximize our inventory to minimize your wait. Such vast and rapidly growing supply assures availability for both an increasing U.S. market, as well as a vibrant export trade, shipping worldwide to over 70 countries.

Berjé is a global sourcing leader with supply lines running on six continents. Our raw material capabilities are centered on the rapid delivery of essential oils and aromatic chemicals, supported by our longstanding relationships with a global network of established and emerging producers. This ensures the greatest possible potential for uninterrupted supply, even within unpredictable markets.

In 2003, Berjé Trakia was formed in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to source and manufacture some of the highest quality natural essential oils in the world. Located deep within Bulgaria’s Rose Valley, this location was recently revamped in 2020, enhancing the production of rose oil and lavender oil within the region. This helps Berjé guarantee consistent supply of these delicate essential oils without compromising on quality. In 2009, Berjé also partnered with the Whole Herb Company based in Sonoma, California. Whole Herb specializes in providing access to the finest herbs, spices, botanicals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals on the market. All of these branches come together to form the Berjé Group, helping us to stay connected throughout the world of flavor and fragrance.

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