Coast Southwest Inc

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United States
Phone:1-714-524-2777 or 1-800-621-0500

Coast Southwest, Inc. is a leading full-service chemical distribution and ingredient technology company. We serve manufacturers and formulators of personal care and household products throughout the United States with high-quality functional ingredients, on-time deliveries, and exceptional customer service.

Coast Southwest maintains its leadership position  by  providing the most comprehensive and diverse personal care product line in the business. From ammonium lauryl sulfate and açaí palmberry to zinc stearate, we can supply about any raw material for hair care, skin care, or cosmetics.

In our applications laboratory, Coast Southwest scientists work directly with customers to create formulations that lead to exciting, cutting-edge products. We have the people, ingredients, and technical expertise to help our customers deliver their best ideas to market.

Coast Southwest subscribes to the letter and intent of the rigorous standards of responsibility and safety set forth by the National Association of Chemical Distributors’ Responsible Distribution Program